February 27, 2018

More About Doxieville

Welcome to Doxieville is a children’s book based on real-life Dachshunds. Each of the Doxies in Doxieville have their own unique character. Some have nicknames and a few have their own jingles. Meet the Doxies in Doxieville with actual photos of their real counterparts at the end of the story. Children will have fun singing along with Chi Chi, Bindi, Danni and the Doxie parade jingles.

The Doxies face everyday issues they learn to deal with, much like our own children. The Doxies learn that physical handicaps should never hold them back in life and that they should pursue their dreams. They also learn how to count, make friends and deal with bullies.

Deuce is reckless but fun loving, and seems to lead the other Doxies on adventures that end up in turmoil. His brother Diesel is very responsible; he is also the biggest and strongest Doxie in Doxieville. All the Doxies rely on Diesel to watch over them and keep them from danger. When needed, Diesel manages to show up in just the nick of time to save the day.

You will fall in love with the characters and have the opportunity to share the problems that the Doxies face with your children and open discussions about how best to deal with those issues.

See our thank you page to Granville Veterinary Clinic and meet the staff with photos and health tips from the Veterinarians. You will also notice on the book that part of the proceeds are donated to the emergency fund at the clinic and our local humane society.

There will be sequel books and each of them will end with a positive jingle:
“It’s going to be a wonderful day”

I hope you enjoy the book!

—Darrin Todd Martin