February 27, 2018

Meet the Author

Darrin Todd Martin

Hello, Doxie lovers! If you are reading this book there is a good chance that somewhere along the road of life you met a dachshund. Below are a couple photos of me with our first dachshund (Heidi) and her puppies in 1966. When I married my wife, Trudi, she fell so much in love with the dachshund breed that she became a breeder of miniature long-hair dachshunds.

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed writing stories. When we were no longer breeders, I said to Trudi, “I’m going to write a children’s book about the Doxies.” All the characters in my books are real live pets. Their names and nicknames have songs and jingles to go with each pet’s personality.

I hope you enjoy this book and all of my books to follow. So for now I would like to say: Welcome to Doxieville!

Trudi Martin, Co-Creator

I was not familiar with the dachshund breed until Todd shared his childhood Doxie experience with me. After bringing two little Doxies home I soon discovered what characters they are and how loving they can be. They are very nosey and love to play. They even hide from each other and jump out to instigate a playful run. It is like we have our own personal circus every day. During our time as breeders we have met and are still friends with a lot of wonderful people. We thank each of them for giving our babies great homes with lots of love. I have learned through this adventure that the dachshund breed has a long history and is well loved. I would like to say thanks to all our friends and family who have encouraged and supported us during the creation of our books.

Jan Row, Illustrator

Jan Jones Row was born in Newark, Ohio and grew up on a farm in Granville, Ohio. Jan is a self-taught artist, but also studied fine arts at The Ohio State University. A few of her interests include singing, writing, horses and other animals, and North American Indian artifacts. An active member of Centenary United Methodist Church, she has worked at Granville Veterinary Clinic for many years. Jan and her husband, Chuck, have two sons: Isaac and Christian.


Marcia Stewart, Illustrator

Marcia Stewart grew up in Alexandria, Ohio. She has always had a deep love for art and creation. She received her fine arts degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and she now lives in Newark, Ohio, with her husband Caleb and her son Benjamin. Marcia loves spending time in her garden, baking, playing with her fuzzy kitty, and being a stay-at-home mom for Benjamin.